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  1. Portable, Self-Contained Concrete Batcher/Mixer

  2. Remote batching

  3. Contractor site-work

  4. Precasting concrete parts

  5. Municipal projects

  6. Specialty mixing

  7. Stationary Job-site work

  8. Tow it on a trailer

  9. Mount it on a chassis

  10. Hook it with a roll-off system

  11. Raise it on a platform

  12. Mount it on a swivel

  13. Electric, Gas or Diesel power

  14. The C.U.B.E. comes standard with a 36" by 120" sand and gravel conveyor that can be top-loaded by a skid steer loader.

A hydraulic valve moves the breaker-loader up and down to save unnecessary back strain.  All Functions Designed for Easy Operation.

PDF Spec SheetCUBE_Portable_Concrete_Plant_files/Cube.pdf

The breaker-loader pivots, pins and tucks neatly away while the C.U.B.E. is dumping concrete. This is also the position used for shipping the C.U.B.E. between job-sites.

One look at the frame work and all the heavy-duty components will prove that the C.U.B.E. is built for serious work and years of service. Every C.U.B.E. comes equipped with a Honda gasoline engine and a hydraulic power-pack to operate each function. A diesel or an electric motor is an optional power source as well. The heavy-duty gearbox and drive motor have proven dependable on hundreds of mixers across the country. The conveyor assembly can be removed off to the ground for easy servicing and all grease zerts on the C.U.B.E. have direct access.

Indeed the C.U.B.E. is a testament to thinking inside the box to solve many concrete challenges.

The C.U.B.E. on-site batching system, is an all-in-one loading and mixing system designed to help people become independent from the transit-mix companies. An integrated water and cement loading system allows for easy on-site batching up to 12 cubic yards per hour. The mixing drum is mounted inside of a steel framework that supports a material loading conveyor. The conveyor is loaded over the top of

the upper framework and the raw materials move into the drum via a diverter. The water is introduced into the drum by a water metering system similar to the CLS. As the drum tilts to dispense the finished ready-mix, the material diverter automatically swings up out of the way.

Use the powered bag loader to put the sacks of cement into the mixing drum. The bag breaker has a built-in knife to cut open each cement bag. Cement bags are emptied into a hydraulically operated chute that moves the powder up and into the drum. The lift-over height for each 94# bag of cement is about 32 inches. A typical 1 ½- yard load can be put into the drum in about 10 minutes.

The advantages of the C.U.B.E. are the complete packaging of all the material loading and mixing functions.

The C.U.B.E. reduces the number of pieces of equipment need on site to make ready-mix. The bag breaker chute has a reduced lift-over height for less back strain and will also load in 80# pre-mixed concrete bags.

The C.U.B.E. can be ordered with gas, diesel and electric power options and can load with super sacks of pre-mix with the conveyor removed. Water is metered to create a consistent mix batch.

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CUBE Portable Concrete Plant By Cart-Away Concrete

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